Raé Miller Studio/Gallery Encaustic Workshops

Please join me for workshops or private instruction in Encaustic Painting and Encaustic Monotype. My studio is located inside the historic Fabrica La Aurora, in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Introduction to Encaustic Painting

We begin with the basics…history, safety, ventilation, proper working temperatures, substrates, making medium, mixing paint, applying and fusing paint, creating textures and smoothness. We will discuss finishing  the edges of paintings, and proper handling and shipping or storage of completed paintings.
There will be several presentations with demonstrations followed by hands-on work time.  You will come away with a solid understanding of the medium, proper application techniques, and a few completed sample boards. Bring a notebook to take notes!

Move Your Work Forward: Further Study in Encaustic Painting

Once you’ve learned the basics, we will get into mark making, mixed media, image transfer, embedding images and items, collage, metal leaf, pastel, oil pastel, and oil pigment sticks. Bring your ideas as this workshop is about your work with these techniques.

Prerequiste: Introduction to Encaustic Painting or permission.

Encaustic Monotype I

Learn to make monotype prints with encaustic on paper, opening a new realm of possibilities.  Encaustic is applied to a heated surface, and lifted with paper.  Sounds simple, right?  Well…yes and no.  Encaustic creates jewel-like tones and wonderfully subtle textures on paper.  You will learn proper safety technique, the qualities of different papers, time and temperature control for effect, additive and subtractive design…and you’ll take home some beautiful prints.

Encaustic Monotype II

Once you’ve learned the basics, we will further explore and experiment with Encaustic Monotype.  I will teach you how to express your ideas in a monotype.  You’ll learn about stenciling, blocking, stamping, mixed media, back-lighting, paper scrolls, enhanced papel picado, collage and much more.
Prerequisite:  Encaustic Monotype I

Lighten Up: Painting with Encaustic on Paper

Discover the nuances of painting on various papers with Encaustic. You will learn how to prepare the paper for painting, border shapes, getting a clean border, using mixed media and mark making, unifying the work, finishing the work, and presentation options. 

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Encaustic Painting or permission.
Please note:  There may be an additional materials fee for some papers.

Workshop Fees and Details

Four Day Intensive:  $500 USD plus $80 materials fee (or peso equivalent)
Two Day Workshops:  $250 USD plus $40 materials fee
One Day Workshops:  $125 USD plus $25 materials fee
Private Instruction:  $350 USD per five-hour day, plus materials as agreed

Classes are four hours per day, schedule and times by arrangement.

A maximum of six students per class ensures personalized attention. 

A deposit of 50% by cash or PayPal, is required for registration.  The deposit is refundable, minus a $25 USD handling fee, if you need to cancel up to two weeks prior.  If you must cancel within the two weeks prior to class, I will refund your deposit if I can fill your space.  Please call or email to register; classes book up quickly.

rae.miller.artist@gmail.com   or call  044-415-112-3028 in San Miguel, or  520-303-3346 MagicJack USA number, or rae.miller2 for Skype.
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